Pack-n-Dry Wash System

The Pack-n-Dry Wash is a highly refined Gold recovery instrument unlike anything else on the market. It's compact size and light weight make it the most practical tool for the primary locating of gold in dry washes and river beds, no matter how remote.
The totally self-contained unit weighs in at less than 20 lbs. and recovers gold so fine, you can hardly see with the naked eye.
Bring home color from your next prospecting trip, with Pack-n-Dry Wash.

The Pack-n-Dry Wash is made to last with 16 gauge aluminum and powered by a standard 12 volt motorcycle battery and inexpensive motor. You can now purchase the complete handy booklet of operating instructions, drawings, diagrams, materials list, and easy assembly guide for The Pack-n-Dry Wash.
Drew Lander, The Pack-n-Dry Wash designer, is a highly respected gold authority in the Kern River and Lake Isabella area, and has served on the Board of Directors with a local chapter of The Western Mining Council.

The complete Pack-n-Dry Wash booklet is now available.
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