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The following site photos are just a few of the many remote locations available in the Kern River Valley. The area has been providing remote filming locations since 1916. Major ad agencies and brand name products have found our film and tape sites to be of the highest quality and interest. We can expedite permit submittals and quick approvals. Co-operation between the various agencies provide the hassle free taping environment that many crews appreciate and seek. When your product needs the very best, consider Kern River Valley areas for your next project.
We will be adding to our website photo library as space and time permits. Meanwhile, photo albums containing panoramic location views are available at the Kern River Valley Film Location Library. Contact us with your requirements and we will expedite a search for the most appropriate spots, providing you with location photos to select from.

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Pauls Place - Weldon Onyx Store Est. 1851- Onyx

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