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Boating, Wind Surfing & Jet Ski Rules & Regulations

  1. All boats, this includes canoes and jet ski's, using the lake are required to have a permit.
    January 1 - December 31
    Call (661) 868-7000 for current fees.

    An All Lakes Kern County Permit is also valid on Lake Isabella.
    Boat permits are available at all marinas and at Crossroads Mini Mart.
  2. California Boating laws are strictly enforced:
    All boats must be registered and numbered in accordance with the State regulations.
    All boats must comply with safety and equipment requirements as specified under the State Law.
  3. The speed limit is (5) miles per hour within 200 feet of any float, platform or wharf, within 100 feet of any swimmer; or within 200 feet of shore, except where skiers take off and land.
  4. All boats shall carry one approved vest type life preserver per person. Boats 16 ft. and larger shall also carry one approved buoyant throwable device.
  5. It is unlawful, for any person to use, operate, drive or propel any boat upon a boating area between the hours of one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise.
  6. Children six years and younger must wear an approved life vest.

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Water Skiing Regulations

  1. Tow ropes shall not exceed 100 feet.
  2. All boats towing an aquaplane or skier must have one additional person not less than 12 years of age in a position to observe the person being towed.
  3. In case a skier falls, the skier should hold one ski out of the water at least 3 feet in order to be seen by others, and observer shall hold up an orange flag, indicating skier is down.
  4. Ski in counterclockwise direction.

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Safety Suggestions

  1. Please use common sense and be courteous to others.
  2. All boaters should wear life jackets while boat is in motion.
  3. In case your boat capsizes and remains afloat, DO NOT LEAVE THE CRAFT. It may support you and make it easier for a rescue boat to locate you.
  4. Keep a close watch for other boats whose occupants may be fishing or for water skiers who have fallen.
  5. A Patrol Boat is maintained for your protection and safety and to enforce necessary rules and regulations.
  6. Be familiar with the lake, including shallow areas. Wind can make the lake very dangerous. Know your craft's capability and use extreme care under windy conditions.
  7. When skiing, remain in the main dam "water ski" area. This area has fewer underwater trees and obstructions making it safer than other lake areas.

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Miscellaneous Information

  2. In case of emergency, signal for patrol boat by waving any object, or call on marine radio channel 16 or CB channel 9.
  3. Visitors swim and use the area at their own risk. Swimming beyond 300 feet from shore is prohibited.
  4. Special events such as boat regattas or ski meets, may be authorized with special permission. Requests can be made through the Parks and Recreation Department and the Forest Service.
  5. Public docks are for loading and unloading only. Mooring is prohibited.
  6. Boat rentals and sale of merchandise is only allowed by authorized concessionaires.

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Contacts and Further Information

1110 Golden State Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93301
(661) 868-7000

P.O. Box 3810, 4875 Ponderosa Drive
Lake Isabella, CA 93240
(760) 379-5646 (Voice/TDD)

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