The Indian Encampment will introduce the general public to an Indian camp used by American Indians of the Kern River Valley, showcasing their structures and how they were made. Also, the familiar Tepee used by the Plains Indians will be on the grounds as well, for guests to view.

The Indian experience planned, will provide a rich cultural background, in a natural setting, on what life would have been like before explorers came to our area. The native people of the Kern Valley were, and still are, a vital part of our community.

In experiencing the following events, our desire is for the public to leave our encampment with a deep appreciation for the first people of our Valley.

  • Various types of structures...Local Indian and Plains Indian
  • Tule Hut Lecture
  • Native American Drumming & Dancing
  • Demonstrations on Beading; Drum making; Flint knapping; Basket making; Jewelry making; Native plants; Native youth crafts
  • Kawaiisu Indian language booth
  • Native Regalia worn by participants
  • Fry bread will be sold by NASA
  • Representatives from the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma; the Tubatulabal Tribe of the Kern; the Nuui Cunni Native American Culture Center; the Kern Valley Indian Council; and from NASA…Native American Student Association of the Kern


For more information:

Owens Valley Career Development Center
6504 Lake Isabella Blvd. - P.O. Box 2895 - Lake Isabella, Ca 93240
E-mail: Vickie Tanner - OVCDC

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