Whiskey Flat Celebration 2011
Weapons Carry Regulations

For anyone wanting to carry a weapon during the Whiskey Flat Days celebration, a weapons and ammunition check will be at the "Sheriff's" tent in Whiskey Flat Camp (across from the rodeo grounds) Thursday evening though the weekend.

Each participant must sign a release agreeing to the following rules:
     1) Safety is our prime concern; for the re-enactor and the viewing public

     2) No live ammunition to be carried in the weapon or on your person at any time

     3) Dummy ammunition only. Spent primers are preferred. Participants with live
         primers will have to demonstrate that the cartridge contains no powder

     4) For those participants engaging in 'Gunfight' routines, blank rounds should only be
        chambered just prior to the routine, and removed immediately after it concludes

Participants will be issued a ribbon indicating that they have agreed to the restrictions listed above. This ribbon should be displayed prominently on the participant's costume.

Weapons carrying participants may be subject to random checks by the Kern County Sheriffs Department to confirm they are in compliance with the above regulations.


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