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Local Winter Sports

Welcome to the Sequoia National Forest and Kern River Valley! A winter sports paradise, from cross country and downhill skiing to snowmobiling, tobogganing and sledding. This area has it all.

The Kern Plateau, located approximately 26 miles northeast of Kernville via the Sherman Pass Road (22S05), offers a unique and adventurous winter sports area for nordic skiing, snowmobiling, and snow play. Snow levels on the Kern Plateau usually begin around 7,000 feet elevation.

Winter recreation trails on the Kern Plateau are primarily snow covered Forest Roads. Winter weather condtions are variable, ranging from crisp, sunny days to raging snowstorms. Snow is often present from late November to early June. The average snow depths range from 5 to 15 feet. Normal winter temperatures range from 20 to 50 degrees F.

Drinking water, toilets and shelters are not available on the Kern Plateau. The nearest restroom facility is located along the Kern River at Brush Creek. The nearest pay telephone and general store is located at Roads End Resort.

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Is caused by exposure to cold and aggravated by wetness, wind and exhaustion. Symptoms include shivering, vague slurred speech, memory loss, drowsiness and exhaustion. Prevent it by avoiding over exposure to cold, wind and moisture. Know your body's limitations and wear proper clothing. Down filled or wool clothes are very effective against the cold. Eat properly and carry quick energy foods. Don't drink alcohol.
Most of the winter sports trails on the Kern Plateau are snow covered Forest Roads. Be alert for gates, fences and other hidden obstacles.
If at all possible, never travel alone. Always leave an itinerary with a family member or friend back home. Check in with Ranger Station and let them know where you can be found.

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Cross country skiing is a very popular activity on the Kern Plateau and Greenhorn Moutains. Nordic skiers are not limited to any one particular area or trail. Be aware that snowmobiles also use these favored areas. Make yourself known to others.

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Tobogganing, sledding, and general snow play areas are not designated. Use caution when selecting a safe spot. Be aware of hidden obstacles.

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Downhill skiing and snowboarding is the most popular winter activity in the area. Alta Sierra at Shirley Meadows Ski Resort is located on the Greenhorn Summit off Rancheria Road. The resort offers two chair lifts and close to 100 acres of snow for beginners to advanced. Lessons, ski and snowboard rentals are available.

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  1. Parking on the Sherman Pass Road is very limited. Make sure to park off the road, avoiding blocking traffic or impeding access to trails. Emergency vehicles must be able to access all roadways.
  2. Be prepared for unsettled weather condtions. Call ahead for updated weather reports.
  3. Respect the property and privacy of others.
  4. Vegetation can be damaged if you travel over small trees, bushes or wet meadows, and can distrub wildlife. PLEASE STAY ON DESIGNATED TRAILS AND ROADS.
  5. Pack Out what you Pack In.
  6. Build warming fires well off paved roads.

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Kernville Ranger Station
PO Box 6
105 Whitney Road
Kernville, CA 93238
(760) 376-3781 (Voice/ext. 202 TDD)
Lake Isabella Visitor Center
P.O. Box 3810
4875 Ponderosa Drive
Lake Isabella, CA 93240
(760) 379-5646 (Voice/TDD)

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