Primo's Liquor & Deli
Ice cold Soda & Juices. Snacks & Deli
Primo's has long been a landmark stop for last minute supplies, beer, soda, ice & firewood before traveling to the remote upper Kern River areas.

But, Primo's offers much, much more for weary travelers and local residents alike.   The aromas of Broasted Chicken, Pizza and a vast selection of hot and cold deli sandwiches drift throughout the store and await your tastebud's pleasure.

Fishing & camping Supplies
Everyone forgets to pack something and Primo's has thought ahead for those that do.   And there's none of that last chance"how bad do you want it" mentality here.   Through the years, many returning customers have pleasantly learned that with Primo's prices they can afford to wait and pick up their supplies after they get here.

Fishing & hunting licenses, bait, camping gear, and firewood are always available.

Video Tapes & VCR Rentals
A well stocked video rental area with all the latest releases stands ready to enhance your lodging retreat.   If your room or cabin just has TV we even have VCR rentals to cover that.
Grab a box of Broasted Chicken, some potato salad, a bottle of wine, kick your shoes off and watch a new box office hit or an all time classic.   Don't forget your munchies and hand packed ice cream for later.

Wine & Spirts
Gas, propane, Lotto, wine & spirts, and hot coffee with the latest fishing information.  Everything you need in one convenient location.

13531 Sierra Way at the corner of Buena Vista Dr. as you head up river from Kernville.  Primo's owners, Duane & Sue Holland and their friendly staff look forward to your visit.   Stop in soon!

(760) 376-2555

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