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1. What is required to reserve a package?
A. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of
        reservation. Unless indicated otherwise, the remaining
        portion of the balance is due 45 days before the event.

2. What will I receive after I reserve a package?
A. A confirmation letter and a schedule of events will be sent
        out after your package is reserved.

3. Do I have to pay additional tour taxes or tips?
A. No, all taxes and gratuities are included in package cost.

4. When will I receive my tickets?
A. Tickets are printed by the track about 3-4 weeks before
         the event. This is to prevent counterfeit printing of tickets.
        Tickets will be shipped out via Priority Mail or Certified Mail
         once they are released from the track.

5. What if the race is postponed?
A. The tickets will be valid for the new event date. No refunds
         will be given.

6. What does Single, Double, Triple, Quad mean?
A. All packages are priced per person. A single means one person
        in a room, double means two per room, triple three per room,
        and quad four per room. For example two people going to a race
        and staying in the same room would be a double.

7. Can't find an answer to your question?

    A. Feel free to email or call us and we can answer all your


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