Quiet Stream off Kern RiverThe Kern and Tule Rivers are planted with fish (water and road conditions permitting), from March thru November. Plants are reduced to every other week for the balance of the year. Lakes are planted only in the winter when the water temperatures are low enough for the fish.

Kern River Hatchery also handles planting in the following areas:

Kern County: Alder Creek; Cedar Creek; Hart Park Lake; Kern River Sec. 1 (Democrat Beach to Lower Richbar); Kern River Sec. 2 (Sandy Flat to Democrat Beach); Kern River Sec. 4 (Power House #3 to Riverside Park, Kernville); Lake Isabella; Ming Lake; and, Woollomes Lake.

Tulare County: Bone Creek; Deer Creek; Dry Meadow Creek; Kern River Sec. 5 (Fairview Dam to Lazy River Lodge); Kern River Sec. 6 (Johnsondale Bridge to Fairview Dam); Kern River, South Fork (Kennedy Meadows); Nobe Young Creek; Peppermint Creek - Lower; Peppermint Creek - Upper; Poso Creek; Tule River, north fork/middle fork Sec. 1 (Wishone Campground); Tule River, south fork/middle fork Sec. 2 (Camp Nelson); Tule River, south fork/middle fork Sec. 3 (Cedar Slope); and, White River.
Trophy Trout Program FishThe recent creation of a unique Trophy Trout Program has placed some excellent size fish into the upper Kern River. The program permits the holding and feeding of extra trout numbers until they reach size. They are released with regular trout at various plant locations from Kernville north to Brush Creek.
Fish & Game Planting TruckFish are transported in special insulated tanks and are weighed by displacement. A sight gauge calibrated in pounds of fish is used to measure the amount of fish in the tank. Plant amounts and locations are controlled by the Hatchery Manager.

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