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Kern Plateau OHV Trail Information

Welcome to the Kern Plateau! The diversity of this area provides a unique opportunity for the off-roader. Please help protect the natural resources of the area by following the rules listed in this guide.


The Kern Plateau provides recreational opportunities for a variety of forest users. The area open to off-highway vehicle (OHV) use contains more than 140 miles of trails and is almost completely surrounded by Wilderness. The Kern River borders the area on the west. The terrain varies from high rocky trails near Sherman Peak (elevation 9,909 ft.) to the open country of Monache Meadow (elevation 8,000 ft.), the largest complex of meadow lands in the High Sierras. Challenging rocky side hill type trails can be found in Rattlesnake and Bonita Creek drainages. Enjoyable forest type trails can be experienced on the Jackass, Albanita and Blackrock Mountain trails.

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The Troy Meadow and Fish Creek Campgrounds provide centralized access to most of the trails found on the Kern Plateau. These campgrounds (elevation 7,800 ft.) are located approximately 54 miles northeast of Kernville via Mtn. 99 and Sherman Pass Road (22S05), or 33 miles west of Hwy. 395 via Nine-Mile Canyon Road (J41), and are open from June to November, depending on weather conditions.

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The two major 4-wheel drive roads on the Kern Plateau are the Sherman Pass Road and Monache Jeep Road. Sherman Jeep Road is a narrow, rocky road not suitable for long wheelbase vehicles. Access to this road is off the Bonita Meadow Road (22S41). The road continues toward the west and terminates at the Sherman Pass Road, approximately six miles west of the Vista Point.

The Monache Jeep Road provides access into the Monache Meadow area and the South Fork of the Kern River. This is an easy 4-wheel drive road which starts near Powell Meadow on Road 21S36 and ends near Bakeoven Meadow.

Practice the golden rule: Treat others with the same respect that you wish to receive.

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Kernville Ranger Station
PO Box 6
105 Whitney Road
Kernville, CA 93238
(760) 376-3781 (Voice/ext. 202 TDD)
Lake Isabella Visitor Center
PO Box 3810
4875 Ponderosa Drive
Lake Isabella, CA 93240
(760) 379-5646 (Voice/TDD)
Blackrock Information Station
Sherman Pass Road (22S05)
at the 4-way intersection
(760) 376-1666
California Off-Road Vehicle Association
PO Box 3810
1601 IOth Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(800) 237-5436

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