"I'm Rick Cain. I've been an artist all my life and a professional since 1973. Those who know me and are familiar with my work know how special my sculpture is to me and how much pleasure I receive when someone is affected by it. That's why I'm so pleased to present this line of limited edition sculptures. The pieces in the line are classic portrayals of subject matter and themes which represent the essence of my work, produced in limited editions, each one signed and numbered in sequence. The wood pieces are cold cast resin with stone dust. Each piece is a fingerprint of the original with it's own unique color, the water based stains and acrylic washes carefully applied by hand. I have written a free - verse poem and a story about the material from which the original was created for each piece in the series. You'll find them on a special card that comes with the sculpture.
Yours to enjoy...Rick Cain

Since a very early age, Rick Cain has been pursuing a career as an artist. While most young boy's dreams of their future change dramatically over time, Rick remained true to his conviction that he was born with a creative talent. Born into a military family in 1953, Rick found security and strength in his artistic ability during his adjustment to numerous moves around the country. Every day he would he would work to teach himself the techniques that have remained constant in every medium in which he has worked - great attention to detail, depth, and dimension in both the human and animal form. Rick began working with wood at the age of twenty. He progressed rapidly past merely creating designs in the wood and discovered an ability to "release" the shapes and images inherent in the wood. By this time, Rick had settled in Florida and the indigenous tropical hardwoods lent themselves beautifully to the wizened old men's faces and graceful forms that Rick created. Within months, Rick Cain was showing at his first art exhibit. His professional career flourished with participation in hundreds of juried art shows, exhibitions, and recognition through numerous awards. In 1988, Rick made the decision to offer his work in limited editions. Rick Cain's original works as well as his limited edition sculptures are in private and public collections throughout the world.


I am ever changing as a part of the human experience and so my art follows my changes. Doing wildlife sculpture is one way of communicating with a large audience on a common ground. Through these wildlife sculptures, we celebrate a creation of creatures great and small who share with us a world through which we are moving. When I script, I use nature's abstraction, nature's call for us to identify with her. This comes through in wood shapes, stone fragments of a mountain or other materials as they present themselves to me. Connected to this, and the predecessor to my wildlife work was my representation of man - mankind - woman - child - caught in our own head by our thought. These human forms I have sculpted breaking boundaries and becoming complete. The character of humanness cycles and merges with tigers, herons, elephants, and turtles. They become part and counterpart on a shared path. To see just an eagle in my work is to shortchange oneself...to fly with the bird is possible if you allow yourself that space in your perception. If you feel this oneness, then I am complete and have done my task for meeting with you. This is my hello and my statement of truth and humble offering. My path is yours...a path of breathing, loving, curiosity, another step. I love the thrill of growth and exploration, seeing myself and my art evolve, revolve, and cycle again. I believe that my expression of art is a gift tome that I share with you. Stores and galleries and individuals may be a party of the blessing our representatives may share. My art is an approach to life. Do you know how many times I have sculpted, carved, painted and thought? Thinking is a process. Good and bad, it occurs. Wood has taught me patience and a level of endurance I could not approach before I first picked up wood. My art is a communication device, a symbol people can understand like words or pictures of life felt in the heart as well as the hands and fingers. My art is a revealing for me. I do not know what will happen on a given project I am working on and the unexpected happens many times. I love it when I see the perfect plan unravel between my thoughts and fingers and I am like a film developing. My art comes alive, offering the viewer a piece of the puzzle, a fragment of the whole, to the reason we are what we are.