The NRRC is now under new contractor,
NRRC's Online Reservations System is temporarily unavailable.
Canyon Connection will re-link when notified that new site is established.
Meanwhile you may phone NRRC for reservations at:
Due to busy signals at this number, we are receiving numerous e-mail requests to arrange camping reservations for our readers. Unfortunately, Canyon Connection and are not authorized to handle such requests. Complaints regarding the national reservation system should be directed to the Forestry Offices nearest you.
We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and are trying to resolve the situation at our local level (Lake Isabella & Kern Valley). Sorry we can't guarantee anything more at this point in time.
We are advised that contrary to information being given at the NRRC, campsites ARE available on a first come first served basis. There are so many being told that the campsites are already full or reserved that you might be able to take your pick of spots. Large groups are a different matter.



The NRRC Reservation System provides on-line individual campsite availability and reservation procedures. We apologize that we cannot conveniently link to each of our local campgrounds directly as NRRC's system is handled by an internal cgi-scripted data base. You must start with the main directory page, select "Search Campground and Cabins". Select "California". Then select your preferred Campground by name. You can then view campground information and click on each individual site. Further info at bottom of page will permit you to view calendar of site dates reserved and confirmed. This is a overly prolonged process but necessary for data base accuracy.

Please visit our campground maps before linking to NRRC, this will make site preferences and search easier.

We hope this will at least allow our readers an easier method of gathering campsite availability info and setting reservations according to the unknown but proper NRRC procedures. Thank you for visiting us at Canyon Connection.

National Recreation Reservation Center Website can be reached at the following:
National Recreation Reservation Center
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